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Paint and Wine Franchise – The Pinot’s Palette Difference

We understand that when it comes to choosing a paint and wine franchise, there are several options available to you. Pinot’s Palette sets itself apart from those options with an excellent business model and support. The following outlines the differences between Pinot’s Palette and everyone else.

Customer Excellence

Pinot’s Palette® studios provide the highest customer service. Our training system provides you with invaluable experience and the confidence to handle any situation. We also provide draft email templates to answer the most frequent questions you may encounter on a daily basis. If you have input or comments about small business franchise ideas, let us know.

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Marketing Strategy

Our business flourishes by word-of-mouth endorsements, so our marketing strategies have been created to generate that type of “buzz.” We will share our techniques for reaching the ideal customers in an affordable and effective manner. Pinot’s Palette is one of the best franchise ideas, so let us help you in whatever way we can.

New Product Development

We pride ourselves on setting the industry standard. Bringing fresh, fun and creative ideas to the calendars each month keeps our repeat customer percentages high.

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Pinot Culture

Taking the time to express and create our business culture has defined the type of people we hire to be part of the Pinot’s Palette® team. Small business franchise ideas are prevalent, but our philosophy creates a customer experience unachievable by our competitors. The Pinot’s Palette® culture, often described as Team Pinot, is an integral part of our business plan and is of the utmost importance to the success of the organization.

Community Commitment

Giving back is a top priority at Pinot’s, and the ability to support local artists garners a strong, positive impact on the local art community. Pinot’s Palette® donates to multiple community fundraising events throughout the year.

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Environmental Awareness

Every day, small steps are taken to improve the environment through practices such as recycling, the use of environmentally-friendly paint products, and more.

Innovative Technology

Pinot’s Palette leads the pack with our high-quality reservation and management systems. These systems allow the computer to do the work, and free up time to focus on running the business and marketing to your local community.

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By combining these unique differences with our proven business model, you have a powerful paint and wine franchise opportunity capable of helping people, while providing your family with the financial potential to fulfill your dreams. Pinot’s Palette is a new franchise idea that has been gaining popularity throughout the country.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Craig Ceccanti, Board of Directors & former CEO of Pinot’s Palette, is featured in this Franchise Spotlight presented by Entrepreneur Magazine. Ceccanti discusses the Pinot’s Palette concept from a consumer and franchisee point of view. He also talks about the technology suite, marketing support and the ideal franchisee. Watch this video to hear what really makes Pinot’s Palette different.

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