Upward Expansion: Pinot’s Palette Breaks International Boundaries

Our first paint and sip franchise in Toronto, Canada

Upward Expansion: Pinot’s Palette Breaks International Boundaries

It Starts With Strategic Growth

When we opened our first Pinot’s Palette® studio in Houston, our goal was simple: To own a fun business. Seven years later, we’re still having fun. But we’ve opened over 100 more studios along the way, and this week we’re entering new territory. Literally. We’re going international as our first studio opens in Toronto, Canada!

We’re excited to be the first major paint and sip franchise in Canada. I think Canada and Pinot’s Palette have a long future ahead. We’re looking to add seven more studios in the Toronto area over the next five years. And we are actively exploring other international opportunities as well. There are other countries, like Australia and the UK, that have very similar consumers as the U.S., especially when it comes to art and wine.

As we move forward with expansion, we must maintain the quality standards and fun culture that have grown Pinot’s Palette to what it is today. Attention to detail and impeccable customer service have elevated our brand to the top of the paint and sip industry. Our franchisee partners have been incredible about strengthening the reputation of Pinot’s Palette in their daily interactions with customers. We can’t thank our franchisee partners enough for all the passion they pour into this company.

Customer Service At The Core

We are constantly seeking ways to give back to our guests. We do this by developing innovative measures like our new rewards program, Pinot Perks. We have also realized that our expansion calls for a new look and feel in branded materials. For the past 18 months, we’ve been working with a firm to develop new branding for Pinot’s Palette. We’re currently rolling out this new branding over the next several months, and the Canadian stores will open under this new look and feel.

We’ve learned that both customer satisfaction and franchisee satisfaction hinges on us taking the time to select the right partners, such as Chad and Christena Smith, who are heading up our Canadian stores and have two locations in the U.S. And with the number of studios in the U.S. continuing to grow at double digit speeds, as well as international doors opening, it is clear our guests like to paint, drink and have fun with us.

It’s an incredibly exciting time for all of us at Pinot’s Palette. Over the past seven years, more than a million people have walked through the doors of our studios to paint and have fun. We are so thankful that these customers trusted us with their special moments, knowing that we would give them a chance to relax with their friends, put their cares aside for a few hours, and leave with a beautiful piece of art.

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