Pinot’s Palette 2009 Sing-Along makes ABC News

Pinot’s Palette 2009 Sing-Along makes ABC News

Charles, Beth and I opened our very first Pinot’s Palette in May 2009. Remember, this was before Paint and Sip was an industry, and there were no options to drink wine and paint in a truly fun setting. We had so much passion towards making the place an incredible experience for our painters. In a few short months, Houstonians were booking classes weeks in advance.

In June of 2009, we had a special class that spontaneously broke out into a full class Sweet Caroline sing-along. We were lucky that our two local artists, Amy Wright and Hailey Polak, were quick with the camera to capture the magic. The team knew we were on to something big just by seeing how happy people can be at Pinot’s Palette.

Last week ABC contacted us asking permission to use our sing-along video for their Neil Diamond montage for Sweet Caroline. The song is epic and rightfully played a big role in rallying Bostonians after the marathon bombing. In the video below, you will see the ABC Special on Neil Diamond, Sweet Caroline, and the Pinot’s Palette sign-along bringing home the chorus.

This video was posted on our website and was a huge success in trying to communicate what we were and what the new Paint and Sip Industry should be about. Many people ask us, “What is different about Pinot’s Palette?”. I plan on showing them this video. There are plenty painting classes where the twist is you can drink wine while you paint. Pinot’s Palette is an unforgettable night or day out FIRST, and our twist is you will leave with a painting and experience you will cherish.

Our slogan of Paint. Drink. Have Fun. has evolved over the past four year and the “Have Fun” portion has truly become the major ingredient and difference in our brand and customer experience.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected in the Boston bombings

ABC Special (min 1:28)  |  Full Video

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