Disconnect to Reconnect for the Month of February at Pinot’s Palette

Disconnect to Reconnect for the Month of February at Pinot’s Palette

When it comes to your cell phone or your sweetheart – which one would you choose? If you prefer screen time over true face time, you may be falling in the technology trap. Recent research on cellphones and the impact on romantic relationships signals trouble for couples.

Just in time for Valentine’s, Pinot’s Palette is leading the crusade to encourage couples to disconnect to reconnect and create art for the heart. It’s a month of digital detox date nights and we invite you along to see how couples unplug in the name of love.

Disconnect to Reconnect Month

Pinot’s Palette, a popular local paint and sip studio, is encouraging couples to power down, pick up a brush, and paint their commitment to each other on canvas. Couple’s Night painting classes at Pinot’s Palette during February will take the focus off technology and put it back on togetherness.

  • To participate, couples are encouraged to surrender their smartphones when they walk in the studio – placing it in a special no cell phone zone
  • They’ll sip on wine and nibble on appetizers while each will work on one side of a painting.
  • When they place the canvases next to each other, they create one big masterpiece they can hang in their home for years to come.

Isabella from Pinot’s Palette Boca Raton explains to WPTV-TV, “The cool thing we’re doing on Valentine’s Day though is it’s a date night painting. So a date night painting is when you and your date both the same painting, but you’ll work on one half and your date will do the other half. Then at the end we’ll place them together to create one masterpiece.”

Text Life Hurts the Love Life

Let’s face it — most of us are smitten with our smartphones. In fact, 95 percent of Americans own one. On average, we check our phones 150 to 300 times a day.
And if that isn’t bad enough, results from a recent cell phone use study suggest problems in partner paradise.

  • 75% of coupled adults bring their phone to bed with them four night a week
  • 55% of people feel cell phones are interfering with quality time with their partner
  • 25% say last thing they look at before going to bed is the cell phone, not their partner’s face

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Pinot’s Palette wants everyone to disconnect to reconnect! Find a Valentine’s painting event near you!

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