Pinot’s Palette Offering Coworkers & Canvases Summer Team Building Events

Coworkers & Canvases

Pinot’s Palette Offering Coworkers & Canvases Summer Team Building Events

Ah, summer. The season of barbeques, vacations, and pool parties. It’s also the time of year when employee motivation takes a dive.

Pinot’s Palette, the premier paint and sip studio, is helping local companies avoid the dreaded summer slump. Instead of settling for picnics, parties and other corporate clichés, companies are kicking it up a notch with an innovative team-building painting pow-wow at Pinot’s Palette called Coworkers & Canvases. Leave the stressful work to-do list at the door and come drink, paint and have fun with your colleagues.

Research shows employee productivity drops by 20 percent in the summer months. On the contrary, team-building has a positive impact on employee attitudes toward work — especially during the summer.

Coworkers & Canvases offers companies of all sizes the key to collaboration, increased productivity, and communication.

How it works:

At Coworkers & Canvases, teams of employees will choose from six painting options:

  • Jigsaw Painting – teams work on individual canvases but must work closely together to make sure their canvases line up to create a mural. This is a great exercise in teamwork.
  • Mystery – teams follow our artist’s directions without knowing what the finished painting will be. This is a practice in trust and focus.
  • Musical Chairs – when the music stops, so do team members. Employees move from canvas to canvas, creating shared works of art. This helps foster collaboration when projects don’t go as planned.
  • Collaborative – team members contribute to a large shared canvas throughout the event.
  • Self-Guided – team members paint a small canvas at their leisure, using printed directions. This is a great activity for employees who need more time for mingling and socializing.

Companies can choose a painting from Pinot’s Palette’s extensive library or create a custom painting that represents their team, event theme or company brand. The best part — companies can hang the art in the lobby to remind employees of the team-building outing.

Group painting at Coworkers & Canvases has a hidden benefit: It encourages team members’ brains to work in new ways, and jump-starts creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Bored and Burned Out

  • Thirty-seven percent of adults in the U.S. surveyed felt their burnout level increased over the past year — citing the amount of work and interpersonal relations with co-workers as the cause. (Source: Statista)
  • Seventy percent of United States workers are not engaged at work. Companies with engaged employees earn 2.5 times more revenue than companies with low engagement levels. (Source: Gallup)
  • Only 12 percent of employees leave their company because of money. Instead, company culture is the primary culprit for turnover. Companies can improve culture through team-building events. (Source: OfficeVibe)
  • Millennials value culture, work relationships and team-building events as more valuable than previous generations. Seventy-nine percent of millennials say team-building events help people stay on the job longer. (Source: Entrepreneur)


Brushing up on creative arts can battle that boredom and burnout. Some of the other benefits of team-building events such as Coworkers & Canvases include:

  • Improved communication. Through team-building events, everybody learns to communicate with each other in an efficient and effective manner. People who never had the chance to converse in the past are now working with one another to reach a common goal.
  • Develop a role. Team-building makes it simple for everybody to develop a role, realize what they excel at, and help others contribute to the best of their ability. No one is left feeling like the “odd man out.”
  • Skill development. Team-building activities help everybody involved to develop new skills. One person is good at this, another is good at that. It is an easy way for employees to find time to develop their skills.


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We invite you to contact a Pinot’s Palette studio and book a team-building event for your company! Trying to get your boss to plan an event? Here are 7 reasons to convince them!

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