Embrace the Near Win – TED Talk

Embrace the Near Win – TED Talk

In the furry of getting a business started and the anticipation to achieve paint and sip greatness, we often forget to celebrate the many accomplishments we create along the way. Beth, Charles, and I are no different and are often reminded by our team and franchise partners of the many “wins” we should take more time to enjoy. We would never consider to stop to enjoy a “near win” (i.e. second place).

In this TED Talk, Sarah Lewis does an amazing job of contrasting success and mastery through many brilliant examples. She emphasizes the importance of having “near wins” as a major motivator towards gaining mastery. These near wins drive us to be great. Like any growing business, Pinot’s Palette has surely experienced some challenges in the past 5 years as we charge forward, pioneering the Paint and Sip Industry. There is no arguing Pinot’s Palette would not be the premier paint and sip in the industry without these near wins.

Take the time to watch Sarah Lewis’, and like me, begin to identify near wins that will drive us to mastery.

TED Talk Video (Sarah Lewis)

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