Where Do Paint and Sip Studios Get Their Paintings?

Where Do Paint and Sip Studios Get Their Paintings?

If you’ve checked out Pinot’s Palette art and wine classes, you know that we have what seems like an endless number of paintings. On any given event calendar, you’ll see everything from master studies to baby animals. And new paintings are added every week!

Do you ever wonder where all these paint and sip paintings come from? Or how a Pinot’s Palette owner even begins to decide what to place on their studio’s monthly event calendar?

If you want to start a paint and sip business yourself, understanding the painting library is hugely important to early success. Here are some insights regarding our philosophy toward creating and curating these paintings.

It’s all about the artists! At Pinot’s Palette, Artists are the heartbeat of our experience. These top tier individuals are not only technically trained, highly talented and entertaining, the majority hold degrees and are actively engaged in the art community. They are the creative juice that fills the Pinot’s Palette Master Painting Library with new works of art.

Artists submit new paintings for consideration to be added to the Pinot’s Palette Master Painting Library. These submissions undergo a testing & tweaking process for time requirements, class fill rate and the crucial fun factor. Careful vetting of the art that makes it to the library helps ensure artwork will be both entertaining for guests and perform for studio owners. Great art and artist will bring guest back to the studios over, and over again.

Good people are the key to any business’ success, so let’s focus on keeping them on our team. Pinot’s Palette makes retaining talented artists a little easier thanks to our Artist Reward program. You know what they say, Happy Artists, Happy Guests! (Okay it doesn’t rhyme). The Artist Rewards program encourages constant submissions of new Artwork from around the country. The well-deserved monetary rewards from the program provide artists with an additional source of income that can continue to reward throughout their Pinot’s Palette career. Rewards are paid out every time their painting is used in any studio in the system.

As you can imagine, along with the continuous addition of quality paintings, and the detailed instructions, comes a consistency of the guest experience. “WOW I painted this? It looks just like the original.”

Welcome to your very own painting library. At Pinot’s Palette, our Master Painting Librarian is dedicated to overseeing the submission and maintenance processes for new & existing artwork.  This important role helps ensure the reliability, accuracy and ease of use for all our thousands of paintings.

Time to plan out your monthly calendar? Relax, here at Pinot’s Palette we make this easy by supporting you at every decision point. Our painting libraries are navigable by category, tags, key words & trends. Our Master Painting Librarian analyses the thousands of offerings and keeps franchisees apprised of the current & all-time top performing pieces. We also pride ourselves on being able to set the pace on new and innovative offerings by fostering an environment of creative encouragement. What’s next?

How to choose the winners. Being in part a data driven system, we can help franchisees select the best performing works and build calendars that fill the seats and give the promise of a fun night out. Our Franchise Relationship Managers work with franchisees in a supporting and advising role. They make themselves available to consult with Franchisees on Calendar strategy and best practices. Oh, and we copyright our paintings so that they are truly unique Pinot’s Palette offerings.

From day one as a Pinot’s Palette Franchisee you are provided with all the tools you will need to flourish: A full and ever evolving Painting Library, a Creative submission process and an incredible environment where potential artists will want to work and be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. You will also get the benefits of a proven brand and system of operation where the Pinot’s Palette Community continues to innovate, Paint It Forward, and of course, have fun!

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