Seven Daily “Must Do” Small Business Tips

Seven Daily “Must Do” Small Business Tips

We asked Pinot’s Palette President, Charles Willis, to share seven things small business owners should do every single day. Check out his leadership list below.

1. See the opportunity to make something better – Everyday something happens; good, bad, or indifferent. Accept it, and use this as a perfect situation to make sure it does (or doesn’t) happen again.

2. Pinch yourself – Because you are doing what you love, but remember it is hard work to maintain success and grow.

3. Expect more – From yourself and others; then show your team how to get there. You’re either growing or shrinking.

4. Inspire – Everyone likes to be managed differently so adapt and find ways to drive individual motivation.

5. Prioritize – You aren’t going to be able to get everything done today so do the “must” items now, and set achievable deadlines for everything else.

6. Manage expectations – If you are really good at what you do, people will expect you to do more. Letting those who count on you know what you are, and are not able to do, in a way that builds relationships, is an art into itself.

7. Lead by example – If you want your people to do something, you have to do it first.

Thanks for sharing with us Charles and reminding us of these important leadership strategies for small bushiness success. We’ll remember to pinch ourselves daily!

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