Pinot’s Palette Franchisee Satisfaction

Pinot’s Palette Franchisee Satisfaction

Pinot’s Palette Franchisee Satisfaction

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Happiness is not a goal…it’s a by-product of a life well lived.” Pinot’s Palette® tweaks that quote a little, stating that happiness is a by-product of a company well run.

Co-founder and president Charles Willis helped start the paint and sip franchise in 2009. He says they hoped for a fun-loving, character-driven culture from the beginning. His team made strategic personnel decisions toward that goal. “At the end of the day, when you work in a fun place where you love what you do, you’re happier, more motivated, and more energetic,” Willis says.

Consistently Content Owners

Now, with a robust team at headquarters and over 150 franchise owners, has Pinot’s Palette maintained that close-knit culture? Willis points to the Franchise Business Review rankings as the proof in the pudding. The Franchise Business Review conducts independent, third-party surveys of franchisees to evaluate franchisee satisfaction. Pinot’s Palette has ranked Best in Category four years in a row.

In addition to Franchise Business Review rankings, Pinot’s Palette stays in tune with the needs of its franchisees by regularly consulting its franchise council. This council is an advisory group of Pinot’s Palette franchisees that meets with headquarters to voice franchisee concerns and share strategy. Headquarters also speaks to franchisees on a daily basis, staying informed about challenges and successes in the system.

The company believes happy owners equal great business. Pinot’s Palette practices the theory of “trickle down” satisfaction. From the co-founders to everyone at headquarters, to the franchisees, employees and artists, and ultimately to the customer – there is a driving force of enjoyment and appreciation. When customers experience the entertaining, relaxing atmosphere created by these collective efforts, they excitedly share it with their friends. So, Pinot’s Palette’s reputation has grown largely by word of mouth reviews.

Succeeding in Satisfaction

Much of the company’s franchisee satisfaction hinges on inviting exactly the right franchisees to join the Pinot’s Palette family. The franchise is strategic in evaluating and selecting individual franchisees and franchise locations. They use a personality fitness assessment called the Predictive Index Survey, which is similar to a Meyers Briggs type test. The simple quiz provides personality insights that Pinot’s Palette compares to those of an example successful owner in the franchise. The process allows valuable insight into areas of personality alignment and areas in which a potential franchisee may need extra support.

Ultimately, the franchise is looking for franchisees who will fit in with the corporate culture of Pinot’s Palette. And Willis seems genuinely giddy to have a team of happy franchisees, talking about their successes with pride. “Every chance we get, we like to brag on all our owners because they’re doing such an amazing job,” he says.


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