Pinot’s Palette Core Value: Grit

Pinot’s Palette Core Value: Grit

Grit. It sounds down-and-dirty, and sometimes we have to do just that to fulfill our dreams and obligations.

Grit is Pinot’s Palette’s 5th Core Value. We don’t fool ourselves – life is full of challenges and sometimes we have to do the things we don’t like or are just not in the mood to do. However, when you own a small business, many times you are not only the chief, you’re also the wine glass washer. This is when strength of character, determination and perseverance must come into play.

If you’re interested in owning a business, including a Pinot’s Palette wine and paint franchise, you need to ask yourself a few hard questions, including the ones shared below.

Are you ready to work nights and weekends? Pinot’s Palette is an entertainment franchise, and most people go out and have fun in the evenings and weekends. Are you willing and ready to be present to meet and build a relationship with your guests?

Are you willing to work more than 40 hours a week? That’s right. Sometimes, the impression is owning a business means you manage others and don’t have to work as hard as when you worked for an employer. In fact, it is usually the opposite yet you have a lot more fun being creative, meeting new people and driving your own destiny.

Are you committed to sales? Marketing generates leads. Private parties and corporate events, however, take more effort. Every business has competition. Oftentimes, it is the business owner that answers the phone first, passionately learns what the caller is interested in and crafts a personalized event, gets out and networks continually, and commits to making calls or getting out to sell that wins.

Will you whine or win? Business ownership takes personal accountability, resolution and willingness to follow best practices. It’s about problem-solving when things get hard, not blaming others. It’s about reaching out for help. Here’s the great news – we always have wine on hand and you can celebrate your success when you overcome whatever got in your way!

Do you have what it takes to become a Pinot’s Palette franchise owner? Review our five Core Values and ask yourself – do you get it, do you want it, and are you capable of doing it? If you can answer “yes” to those three questions, we want to hear from you! Just complete our Inquiry Form and we’ll be in touch.

As a side note, do you want to know how “gritty” you are?  Take Angela Duckworth’s Grit Scale and see how you score!

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