Beth Willis – The Queen of Paint and Sip

Beth Willis – The Queen of Paint and Sip

Beth Willis is the true Queen of Paint and Sip.  As an innovative pioneer in the wine and painting industry, Beth has shaped Pinot’s Palette into the premier paint and sip experience.  Early on in development, Beth had an eye for detail and knew what the customer truly wanted.  She was relentless in demanding that a modified painting class was just not enough, it needed to be a true fun night out experience.

With over one hundred thousand painters in the Houston area alone, the Queen continues to rule with imaginative new painting ideas and service offerings.  We all knew she had a real eagle eye for customer insight when our artists started calling her the oracle after being able to predict the success of their paintings.  Of course, this didn’t just come overnight.  Beth has been working side-by-side with our artists from day one to help brainstorm and rework painting ideas into final works that our customers will truly enjoy.

Even more impressive from the objective ability to see the industry and our business from the customer view point, Beth has been able to put her knowledge to formula.  It’s one thing to be able to do something very well, but to put a methodology and framework behind these subjective skillsets is extremely difficult.  Working with Charles and me, we were able to introduce a set of tools that guide our partners (AKA franchisees) in making some of the same difficult decisions with minimal experience.  We see this a lot in franchising.  The franchisor is a master at the craft, but is unable to put a training program and framework together for others to follow.  Not in this case.  Beth and the Pinot Team have developed a painting scorecard, calendar planning analytical tools, a process map for developing new paintings, and an innovative painting rewards system.

As a mother of two (Addie and Camille), wife, clinical pharmacist, and innovative entrepreneur; there is nothing this woman cannot do.  All hail the queen of paint and sip, or at least we do at Team Pinot.

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