Why Opening a Pinot’s Palette Franchise is Better than Starting from Scratch

Opening a Pinot's Palette franchise

Why Opening a Pinot’s Palette Franchise is Better than Starting from Scratch

One of the most common questions from people exploring the Pinot’s Palette franchise opportunity is, “Why is it a better option than just starting from scratch?” In franchising, this is not a unique inquiry; many aspiring entrepreneurs feel that they could open a business on their own. While they may be correct, more and more of these individuals are finding out that franchising offers some significant advantages and benefits that make it the better option in most cases.

Here are some of the ways that opening a Pinot’s Palette’s franchise is better than starting from scratch:

Proven Model

Figuring out all the operational processes, documenting them and making them replicable is one of the areas a new business owner usually struggles with in the early days. With Pinot’s Palette, we have already done the hard work, made the mistakes and proven out the most efficient processes for running the business. We also provide thorough training for you and your team to help ensure you will find success in the model.

Recognized Brand

Customers or guests build trust with brands they recognize. With numerous studios already open for business around the country and many more to come through our Intelligent Growth strategy, you can count on your Pinot’s Palette studio becoming your market’s preferred choice for a fun night out with friends, a unique date night option and even a company team building get together.

All the Tools You Need

A major advantage to opening a Pinot’s Palette franchise is that from day one you will be starting with all the tools you need to succeed early and often.

Our operations team provides support and guidance on everything from site selection, leasing and buildout, to your grand opening and beyond. You will work with your own franchise relationship manager to ensure that you are following the roadmap prepared to make your opening a smooth experience and to get your business started in the right direction as quickly as possible.

Our marketing team supports our franchisees with a studio microsite, digital asset management tool and assets, social media tactics and campaigns, just to name a few. “When you market they will come.”

Our proprietary Pinot Technology Suite is second to none in the paint and sip industry. Its 5 modules provide you with the most efficient methods for managing your team, your party planning and reservation management, the painting libraries and class calendars. It also serves as a POS, team scheduler, payroll tool, knowledge base and provides your artists with their own portal access to their portfolio and painting information. P.S. It saves you tons of time.

Pinot’s Paint and Sip Supply (PASS) has already sourced all the materials you will need to open and operate a Pinot’s Palette Studio, and you will benefit from our system’s economy of scale. Everything you need can be ordered and delivered at your request. Easy, right?

Our great community of artists create wonderful works of art that are fun to paint and fill your seats. You have access to all these approved and curated paintings in the Master Painting Library. More great tools at your disposal!

You Don’t Have to Do It on Your Own

A benefit of being a member of Team Pinot is that you will have access to the entire franchise community. The home office and fellow franchise owners are there when you need advice, guidance, a mentor and even if you just need a sounding board. We are in this together from the start and beyond.

Power of Innovation

Every business should be looking to evolve and improve over time. This is where the Pinot’s Palette innovation forum comes into play. Through a combination of our franchisee network, trusted vendors and suppliers and the home office team, we are continuously looking for ways to enhance our offerings to franchisees and studio guests. The more minds we have working on innovative ideas, the better.

As you can see, the Pinot’s Palette franchise difference is immense, and we have only scratched the surface of the tools, benefits and advantages that you will realize when you open your first studio with Team Pinot. Join us, and Paint. Drink. Have Fun.

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