Mr. and Mrs. Right – Finding the Right People to Represent Your Company

Mr. and Mrs. Right – Finding the Right People to Represent Your Company

I want to first say congratulations to our CEO, Craig Ceccanti, and his new fiancée Alexis Stephens on their recent decision to wed. Alexis has already been a part of the Pinot family for years now and we look forward to making it official. I wish you guys the very best.

With this news I wanted to write about the right people, not in who you should marry, but who you should have representing your company. In the Paint & Sip industry, among others, there are only a few touch points we get with our customers (painters), which makes each of those points a critical opportunity to make the right impression.

The longest and most critical touch point would be when our painters are attending one of our studios. For some of our painters this may be the only touch point we get and their impression of Pinot’s Palette rests solely with the Artists facilitating the experience.

All of the artists that work in Pinot’s studios across the United States have three traits that separate them from the rest of the pack. Firstly, they must be an artist. It may sound silly but we do see people that are not artists wanting to join the team because of the great culture that is fostered at our locations. Next they must be able to teach. Getting up in front of a room of people and teaching effectively while still having fun is not in everyone’s bag of strengths. The final trait is to be entertaining. Our painters have arrived with the expectation of a fantastic experience and we must be able to deliver that experience.

Pinot’s Palette has written the playbook on not only who we’re looking for but how and where to find them. We have defined the interview questions and desirable answers, and provided the training and guidance necessary for each new artist to become a long term member of Team Pinot. The right people don’t need to be managed but instead guided, taught, and led to reach their potential. Pinot’s Palette accomplishes this by taking the time to find and train the right people. If ever in doubt, keep looking.

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