Party for 200? With Mobile, Large Painting Parties Are An Option!

Pinot's Palette Mobile Events

Party for 200? With Mobile, Large Painting Parties Are An Option!

A brick-and-mortar Pinot’s Palette studio is a perfect event venue for regular paint and sip classes; baby showers, bachelorette or birthday parties; kids’ camps; as well as other activities where seat count is within the studio’s capacity. What do you do if a company wants to plan a large teambuilding event, or a non-profit wants to combine a fundraising activity for its many supporters? Do you turn away the business? NO! This is where the “Van Go” arm of our Pinot’s Palette business model comes in with an add-on mobile license.

Mobile” means we bring our upscale painting experience to the party planner’s venue. We protect the space with floor and table covers and provide aprons for all guests. Common mobile event sites include:

  • Company campuses
  • Conference or meeting centers
  • Event venues
  • A non-profit’s walk or run activity
  • Parks
  • Even sports fields!

The opportunities are limitless. All you need is a branded van, painting and protection supplies, and off you go!

A mobile license also allows franchisees to expand their business opportunities that may be constrained due to location size or regulations. Here are two examples:

      • Rent is high in your territory, so you can only afford a one room studio. Mobile can act as an additional “room” option for private parties at guest locations.
      • If your studio is in a state with strict alcohol regulations – maybe it requires a bar to serve alcohol (no BYOB) yet does not allow children to enter the studio because of the bar – you still have the option of going mobile for Family Fun Days and kids’ camps.

Indoors or outdoors, mobile expands a franchisee’s business reach within their community, creating more wins by exceeding customer expectations while feeding the owner’s bottom line.

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