How Do I Inventory Wine For My Studio’s Bar?

Inventory Wine

How Do I Inventory Wine For My Studio’s Bar?

Choosing the ideal wines for your customers is a key part of a perfect night out, and part of Pinot’s Palette’s wine and paint franchise business model. You have to take things such as price, tastes and seasonality into account. Regionalization also plays a role – if your studio is in a wine region, there may be more loyalty to local boutique brands. Finally, state and local regulations may play a role, especially with how you are required to purchase under your business’s beer and wine or liquor license.

Pinot’s Palette empowers its franchise owners to choose beverages that appeal to its guests and create diverse menu selections. How do franchisees purchase wine? Here are a few options.

Wine Distributors

The easiest way to order from a large selection of wines is through a beverage distributor that does business in your state. This makes ordering and diversifying as the seasons change effortless. The three largest national distributors are Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Republic National Distributing and Breakthru Beverage.

Local Wineries

Almost every state in the U.S. boasts about its local wine regions. Will your studio be near local wineries? If so, it may make sense to carry some community favorites. We all love where we live and support local businesses, and your guests will appreciate local options. In addition, selling regional wines may generate additional mobile opportunities to periodically host “painting at the vineyard” events!

National Retail Chains

Although the profit margins will be less, the convenience of establishing a business account with a local wine and liquor retailer is an option. It is convenient, and in most instances just a quick drive to pick up, especially when you have a sold-out event and are low on inventory.

Businesses such as Spec’s, Total Wine and More or even warehouse clubs like Costco may be an alternative.

Choosing the right wines for your special guests is an important, but fun part of owning a Pinot’s Palette franchise. Are you ready to operate a studio where guests Paint. Drink. Have Fun.®? Complete our Inquiry Form to learn more!

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