Pinot’s Palette Holds the Formula for Love

Pinot's Palette Formula for Love

Pinot’s Palette Holds the Formula for Love

Many couples are looking for ways to reconnect in our tech-centered, hectic world, where isolation, stress, and 24/7 work can cause even the most committed partners to drift apart. The solution might be simpler than you think. Could a simple date-night activity like painting actually improve your relationship with your partner?

Science says absolutely. A Baylor University study shows that levels of oxytocin, “the love hormone,” skyrocket when couples paint together. As far-fetched as that premise may sound, it’s actually backed by scientific proof.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, measured oxytocin levels released by couples engaged in different activities, including playing board games and painting together. The study evaluated 20 couples who were randomly assigned to participate in a painting class or play a board game. Researchers suspected that board games would provide the bigger oxytocin boost due to the interaction required, but they were wrong.

All couples released oxytocin when participating in their assigned activities. As it turned out, though, painting actually provided more physical interaction than board games. And, even more surprising, the highest oxytocin release of the study was registered by men painting.

This confirms what paint and sip franchise Pinot’s Palette has seen for years: Though they may not admit it, men enjoy paint and sip classes just as much as their significant others! Evenings together at a paint and sip class often lead couples to fun conversation and more relaxed moods.

Pinot’s Palette co-founder Charles Willis acknowledges that women make up the majority of the paint and sip franchise’s customers, but notes that a paint date brings enjoyment to both men and women in the studios. He says a night at a paint and sip studio encourages couples to put their phones away and “disconnect to reconnect.”

After all, in a society that stares at screens all day, just looking into your partner’s eyes can have a significant impact on restoring lost connection. Turns out that reconnection may be happening at a biological level that can strengthen a couple’s relationship even after the paint dries.

This kind of data should make Pinot’s Palette franchisees proud. They’re not only bringing relaxation and entertainment to their communities; they’re helping partners bond!

If you want to have a hand in helping people strengthen their relationships and have fun along the way, open a Pinot’s Palette studio! Reach out to us about franchise opportunities.

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