Pinot’s Palette Customer Service Center

Customer Service Center

Pinot’s Palette Customer Service Center

Smartphones allow customers to research any business in seconds, make purchases on impulse, and send reviews around the world at the click of a button. And as attention spans grow shorter, customers demand immediate response. Gone are the days when a customer would wait patiently for a call back. Today they’ll just book somewhere else, even if that means going to a lower-quality competitor. This report by HubSpot reveals how customer service has changed over the past decade.

Pinot’s Palette knows this, and we don’t hold our customers’ high customer service standards against them. We know that every customer phone call matters, but we also appreciate how busy our franchisees are running their studios. So headquarters steps in to fill that service gap.

On Call to Boost Your Business

One way that headquarters helps with customer service is through our Customer Service Center (CSC). This is a service to franchisees and customers where we answer all incoming studio calls on the franchisee’s behalf between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. the studio’s local time Monday-Friday. This ensures that calls are answered instantly and missed calls are returned in a timely manner, providing immediate response to customer questions and concerns.

The Customer Service does the following:

  • Manages all of the calls the studio receives during week day business hours
  • Calls are taken and managed by Pinot’s Palette employees
  • Takes an average of 1,600 calls a week helping guests book events and answer questions
  • Creates an average of 80-100 private party leads systemwide a week
  • Gives you more time to build your business

Better customer service thanks to the Customer Service Center increases bookings and private parties. Customers aren’t booking elsewhere while they wait for a returned phone call. They get an immediate response, and our franchisees get a boost in business. The call center concept also frees up franchise owners’ time some so they can work in their studio and network in their community.

Sharing Happiness from Top to Bottom

Our call service helps our customers in another, more surprising way. Research from Glassdoor in the Harvard Business Review indicates that happy employees are key to quality customer service. It turns out that when our employees are happier, our customers are happier. Our franchisees can focus on the needs of guests instead of answering phone calls. The Customer Service Center allows you to work more efficiently and to focus on the in-studio experience. This translates into better customer service.

Happy studio owners and happy customers. A thriving company culture and a team at headquarters ready to pitch in and help out. We couldn’t ask for more.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of owning a customer-focused franchise, give us a call. We’re happy to share more about our Customer Service Center and all the other ways that we help our franchisees find success.

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