Pinot’s Palette Core Value: Serve Energetically

Core Value Serve Energetically

Pinot’s Palette Core Value: Serve Energetically

Pinot’s Palette’s creative entertainment franchise culture revolves around serving others. Serve Energetically is one of our company’s Core Values. Here are the Top 5 ways we deliver on this commitment, both internally and within our community.

1. Serving Our Customers

Our guests have other paint and sip choices, so the exceptional experience they have with Pinot’s Palette influences their advocacy, reviews and whether they return again and again. Their first call or review of our Calendar of Events through excitedly saying “I’ll be back” is critical, along with every smile, laugh and communication in between. We ensure their painting adventure, whether girls’ night out, date night or a special painting party, exceed expectations.

We know our guests want to de-stress, have fun and express their own artistic side. Whether they follow our step-by-step guided instructions, or go rogue and paint with different colors or additional objects that make them happy, our mantra is “Your Art, Your Rules.” In fact, we’ll even create custom paintings for private parties or team building events!

Finally, we’re more than just painting and wine – we’re also experts at event planning! Whether guests want to host a party in our studio or at another venue, our franchisees make it easy on the host or hostess. Our event management tool, Party Planner, allows the hostess to invite and manage guests. We work with the hostess to choose the perfect painting from our vast painting library, or can even create a custom piece of artwork! Also, we partner with restaurants and catering services that will bring food to our studios.

2. The Franchisor Serving Our Franchisees

As a Franchisor, our role is to ensure our Franchisees are able to work within a business model supported by effective best practices, keeping up with trends and technology, and learning how we can continue to improve our guest experience. Perks of franchising with Pinot’s Palette include:

  • Constantly Evolving and Enhanced Technology to make the operational and e-commerce sides of our business easy for both Franchisees and our customers to use and engage. In fact, we host a custom suite of technology interfaces, called Pinot’s Technology Suite for our franchise owners.
  • Our Franchise Relationship Managers (FRMs) communicate with Franchisees on a monthly basis, and are available for questions and support anytime during business hours. Franchisees need someone they can contact for help, and the FRMs are there when needed.
  • Data-Driven Marketing, Engaging Creative, and Continuing Education are key for franchise owners to drive both new and repeat business. As a business owner, you want to spend your capital effectively to drive business and a return on investment. The Marketing Department analyzes data, as well as customer input to provide best-in-class, so all you have to do is choose and execute your strategic sales and marketing plan. The Marketing Department also works with the Franchise Council, who represents all franchisees, to prioritize National Marketing Fund spend.
  • A great paint and sip franchise needs a Master Painting Librarian, especially since our paintings are the product we sell. The Master Painting Librarian assists Franchisees with calendar strategy and planning; statistically identifying high-performing paintings to make it easy for Franchisees to complete their Calendar of Events; and handles copyright issues that may arise. Pinot’s Palette’s artists are amazing, which means our artwork is in demand. The Master Painting Librarian protects our intellectual property.

3. Our Franchisees Serving Each Other

Franchisees who work together see greater success. Power plays and defensive holding of valuable information, or non-participation in group efforts is counter-productive, and detracts from revenue opportunities. Pinot’s Palette franchisees understand this concept, and share freely through a private online forum, as well as bi-annual conferences. “Nuts” are nuggets of great information, and Franchisees use hashtags such as #salesnuts, #marketingnuts, and #socialnuts to make sharing fun and easy to search for when those valuable tidbits are needed.

4. Painting It Forward

Everyone at Pinot’s Palette believes in giving back to local communities. Whether it is hosting a painting fundraiser for a local non-profit, donating gift baskets to charity silent auctions or raffles, or sponsoring the local youth sports team, our Franchisees serve by being involved in what matters.

5. Art Education for Children

Since we are an art-based franchise, creativity is in our souls. According to LIFEWTR, 80% of all public schools are facing budget cuts, and art is many times the first to be reduced or completely stopped. Pinot’s Palette helps fill this gap through its mobile Little Brushes® art programs, bringing limited budget art back into the classroom. We also host Family Days and kids’ camps to keep creativity alive, important to young minds and building fine motor skills.

Now you know how we serve. Serving Energetically lives throughout Pinot’s Palette. Does this sound like a good fit? Learn more about how you can own a Pinot’s Palette franchise and become a part of our giving community.

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