Pinot’s Palette Core Value: Seek Opportunities

Seek Opportunities

Pinot’s Palette Core Value: Seek Opportunities

When you step into a Pinot’s Palette paint and sip studio, you find a consistently fun atmosphere and excellent customer service. This doesn’t happen by chance. Pinot’s Palette has five core values that direct the way we do business and ensure consistent customer experience between studios:

We expect all employees, franchisees, and candidates affiliated with Pinot’s Palette to enact our values. Holding tight to these values makes our company culture what it is today.

In part of our series elaborating on each of these values, today we’ll turn to Seek Opportunities.

Learning and Growing Together

Seek Opportunities is a philosophy that keeps Pinot’s Palette learning and growing. We are not content to ride the coattails of one great idea. We appreciate our history and traditions that have brought us to where we are today. But we look forward, not behind. We are continually learning and growing, adapting and changing to better ideas and shifting market forces around us.

This means that we often debut new products. Our studios have moved beyond the successful paint-on-canvas approach that started this all. We still entertain customers all over North America with paint and canvas, but we also offer other creative experiences: Customers can paint on wood pallets, wine bottles and glasses – or they can mix things up and participate in non-painting activities, such as our Chunky Knit Blanket events.

Many of these product innovations were suggested by franchisees. That franchisee and customer feedback is key to our success. It’s what separates a top-down leadership approach from the family atmosphere that we value at Pinot’s Palette. We are eager to listen and respond to the creative franchisees that keep Pinot’s Palette moving in the direction of growth and innovation.

This collaborative input by artists and studio owners ultimately helps us provide a better customer experience. While there is structure to our organization, such as operations manuals that outline processes, we have our ears to the needs of our franchisees and customers. We are ready and willing to embrace change, to pivot toward better processes and product offerings.

So when you decide to take the leap into Pinot’s Palette franchise ownership, you’re getting a known commodity: a company with strong growth and product development backed by an intentionally collaborative culture. But you’re also tapping into an opportunity with unlimited potential as we seek opportunities together.

If this potential sounds like a good fit for your personality, a Pinot’s Palette franchise may be the next opportunity you seek. If you are interested in learning about the Pinot’s Palette franchise opportunity, click here to get more information.

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