Pinot’s Palette Core Value: Expect Excellence

Core Value Expect Excellence

Pinot’s Palette Core Value: Expect Excellence

Core Values are the fundamental beliefs of any company, and Pinot’s Palette has five that are near and dear to the way we do business:

We expect all employees, franchisees and candidates interested in becoming a part of the Pinot’s Palette entertainment franchise to live our values. To live them, you have to understand them; therefore, Part III of our Core Value series covers Expect Excellence.

Consistently Exceptional Experience

Our customers both expect, and receive an excellent entertainment experience each time they visit Pinot’s Palette. And, we do believe we are an entertainment experience, not just paint and sip. From the moment a customer enters the studio, our high-quality music system and playlist creates energy and anticipation for the party to get started. Guests are then entertained by our talented, yet fun-filled artists throughout their night out. And, we can back up our claim, with over 37,500 reviews with an average star rating of 4.9 system-wide*!

Quality-Driven Painting Library

You may find other paint and sip businesses that promote very large painting libraries. The fact is we all employ artists that can produce a variety of paintings, some good and some a bit questionable. Pinot’s Palette’s focus is on the quality of its Master Painting Library, not the quantity. Not every painting submitted by our artists makes it through our comprehensive vetting process. Paintings must be tested, and statistical data is then captured, based on our customers’ feedback. Only the best painting options make it into our Master Painting Library.

To complement our focus on quality, we offer an Artist Rewards Program for excellent artwork submissions. Finally, Pinot’s Palette artists create step-by-step, easy-to-follow digital instructions so that any artist in any studio can reproduce the masterpiece exactly as the original artist. This again ensures consistency across and within the brand.

Custom Technology for Both Franchise Owners and Our Guests

We know that efficiency and time is everything to both busy franchisees and our customers, and we strive to streamline processes through our custom technology. Franchise owners benefit from a full menu of platforms through our Pinot Technology Suite. We’ve also built a user-friendly e-commerce website that makes finding an event and the registration process quick and simple for our guests. We know a high percentage of our customers register on their mobile devices, so we ensure mobile purchases are hassle-free.

Finally, our innovative Party Planner event management system makes party planning, and inviting and managing guests quick and simple!

Unparalleled Support

Individuals interested in purchasing a franchise want to know they are going to be supported throughout their franchise term, not just during onboarding. Pinot’s Palette’s support system extends beyond standard franchise system support, including:

  • A designated Master Painting Librarian – our paintings are our product and we have one expert focused on ensuring our franchisees’ Master Painting Library carries the quality we value.
  • Franchise Relationship Managers who continually provide support and host monthly one-on-one calls with our franchisees.
  • A dedicated Customer Service Center (CSC) – in today’s world, if you miss a call you’ve probably missed an opportunity to sell. Pinot’s Palette offers a call center to take calls for studios to ensure those important painting party calls are handled promptly.
  • The best content video library in the paint and sip industry – hands-down, Pinot’s Palette has invested in video, from stories that tell what we do to fun techniques and animated images. More video is being consumed by people year-after-year, and our library makes sharing on social media easy and effective for our franchise owners.
  • Continuing Education – you can count on 3 or more education webinars a month covering a variety of subjects, from calendar strategy to new marketing trends. Whether you are able to attend live or need to view the recorded version, you have the information you need to keep your business on top of its game.

Do you have the qualities and characteristics to fulfill our Expect Excellence Core Value? If you got excited reading this blog and want to learn more, please complete our Inquiry Form and we’ll be in touch!

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