Core Programs Ramp Up Business

woman painting dog portrait in paint and sip class

Core Programs Ramp Up Business

We paint with a broad brush here at Pinot’s Palette®. Our mission is “Paint. Drink. Have Fun.” But this mission applies to diverse outlets, from corporate team building events to kids’ birthday parties.

From the outside, a Pinot’s Palette franchise appears to be a lot of public paint and sip events. In actuality, our franchisees can offer many programs that allow them to leverage their studio’s resources during non-peak hours and capture customers who might not otherwise participate in paint and sip. These core programs increase brand awareness in multiple audiences throughout the community and foster goodwill with these audiences. Of course, they help franchisees stand out from the competition and bring in extra revenue too.

Here are some ways our franchisees grow sales and make the most of their resources.

Corporate Events

When we entertain corporate groups, we provide a memorable event. We also tend to gain repeat business because many companies book quarterly or annual events, and spread the word to other branches or departments. And some guests who visit with corporate groups are guaranteed to become fans who return to Pinot’s Palette public classes with family and friends. So your studio is bringing in revenue while exposing a new population to Pinot’s Palette. Marketing doesn’t get much better than that!

Corporate events include special events for companies, like team building activities, employee or client appreciation, awards ceremonies and holiday parties. But networking circles, meetup groups, book clubs, and other organizations also use our studios for special events and monthly meetings. Pinot’s Palette studios are beautiful, immaculate and upscale; they offer great lighting, a private event space, ample seating and, in many cases, even a bar. Needless to say, they’re great venues even if painting isn’t the main attraction.

Painting It Forward

Pinot’s Palette has hosted charitable paint nights since it first year in business. As the company has grown, giving back was built into the franchise roadmap. Now, our studios partner with local non-profits to host regular Painting It Forward events. These events are paint and sip classes with an extra dose of heart and soul, where all or part of the proceeds goes to charity. Painting It Forward enables studio owners to establish themselves as an invested member of the community, and garners repeat business from attendees at the charity events and from the community at large.

Project Pet

This heartwarming event allows pet owners to create beautiful, lovingly painted portraits of their furry friends – through a proprietary process we’ve refined to an art. First, class registrants email a photo of their pet to the studio. Then Pinot’s Palette prints a customized outline of the pet onto a high-quality archival canvas. The day of the event, guests work from the outline while the artist teaches them in detail how to paint backgrounds, realistic fur, and little wet noses. This process results in a frame-worthy portrait sure to be cherished for years. It’s also a fantastic candidate for Painting It Forward, and many Pinot’s Palette studios team up with local rescue groups, humane societies, and other animal-centric organizations for unforgettable Project Pet events.

Little Brushes

A business model based on paint and wine doesn’t always evoke images of a kid-friendly attraction. But if you sub juice boxes for wine, nighttime for daytime, and paintings of elaborate sunsets for paintings of puppies and dinosaurs, you have a whole new branch of your business! From parent-child projects to drop-off sessions that give parents time to shop, to colorful birthday parties and weeklong day camps, each studio (where local licensing laws allow) has the option to customize the Little Brushes program to suit their market.

Mobile Events

Mobile parties bring the in-studio experience directly to guests. These events include family celebrations and birthday parties, bachelorette weekend activities, church retreats, corporate events, apartment complex mixers, and thousands of other variations at infinite venues, indoors and out.

Mobile events have a lot of advantages. Even our largest studios have a maximum capacity, but our mobile paint and sip events allow any studio to host events for hundreds of people at once! Pinot’s Palette has hosted mobile paint parties for NFL and MLB teams inside their stadiums, for zoo organizations inside the zoos, and for countless other events. Furthermore, because some local and state laws prohibit children from being in any studio that contains a bar, mobile events are also a great way to host family-friendly events and kids parties without the red tape. It’s a huge benefit for brand awareness and customer reach… and it’s just a nice thing to be able to offer surrounding communities.

Making Core Connections

Each of these initiatives is supported with training, assets and technology from headquarters. In addition to creating one-of-a-kind experiences, our core programs dramatically expand each studio’s influence and reach. Many people who attend a specialty event soon return to the studio as regular paint and sip guests.

And of course, the goal is to make these events the talk of the town. To maximize core program potential, franchisees need a robust marketing plan that includes advertising, community involvement, and networking. The biggest and best partnerships come from personal relationships within the community. And connecting with people is what we’re all about, so core programs that allow us to meet new faces are our bread and butter!


We’re always looking for friendly faces who love their communities! For information on opening a paint and sip franchise in your city, please fill out this form.

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