Benefits of a Franchise Relationship Manager

Franchise Relationship Manager

Benefits of a Franchise Relationship Manager

When people think about opening a Pinot’s Palette, they can picture the benefits—the community connection, the excitement of providing an entertaining space, the freedom to set their own schedule, and the expansion opportunities. But they may also dwell on worries and insecurities about getting a new business off the ground. It’s an understandable hesitation, but paint and sip franchise Pinot’s Palette doesn’t leave their franchisees to stumble through this process. Pinot’s Palette created an entire corporate role to walk new franchisees through the selection and buildout of their studio, onboarding, their Grand Opening, and beyond.

Called a Franchise Relationship Manager (FRM), this role has one purpose—to offer franchisees continuous support as they build out their business. As the franchisee’s main point of contact, the Franchise Relationship Managers schedule regular calls with franchisees to answer questions, provide coaching, and direct marketing strategy. It’s a built-in business coach and personal cheerleader, and it’s only one of the things that makes Pinot’s Palette franchisees feel supported and embraced by corporate leaders.

Cindy Theut, a Franchise Relationship Manager at Pinot’s Palette headquarters in Houston, doesn’t gloss over the hard work that it takes to open a new studio. “It is a great business, but to be transparent, it requires a lot of work for the first year,” Theut says. To help lighten the load of that work, she encourages franchisees to reach out to her with questions and concerns. “I stress to new franchisees, the Franchise Relationship Managers and all of us at headquarters are just a phone call away.”

Theut insists that new franchisees zero in on the most important factors impacting their future business success—namely, “Location, location, location! And pricing.” She steers them to locations that combine just the right mix of affordability and traffic, using her expertise to help new franchisees select sites that have potential to become the talk of the town. And then she encourages them to get out in the community and make connections.

Once buildout is complete, and networking accomplished, you would think Theut could step back and let her franchisees sink or swim. But that’s not how Pinot’s Palette treats their franchisee family. Theut supports her franchisees long after their studio debut because she doesn’t want any franchisee to feel alone or leave them floundering in their new ownership role.

“We are available to help with all matters, and if we don’t have the answer, we will find them what they need,” she says. “Headquarters is behind them 100 percent all the time.”

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