Bar or BYOB? 8 Things To Consider

Bar or BYOB

Bar or BYOB? 8 Things To Consider

Pinot’s Palette is a creative entertainment adventure, where people Paint. Drink. Have Fun.® Our studios offer a full night-out experience that includes painting, rockin’ music, joke-filled artist instruction, and adult or non-alcoholic beverages. As a prospective franchise candidate, you are empowered in most situations to choose whether you will offer a BYOB set-up, or host a studio bar.

First and foremost, state laws guide your choice. As an example, the State of California requires a bar to serve alcohol on premises; BYOB is not an alternative. In most cases, you do have options. What do you need to consider during your due diligence process?

  1. All things are equal, whether bar or BYOB, when it comes to service. All studios provide a granite counter area for guests to bring food and for BYOB – drinks; real glassware and utensils; and ice. A real night out on the town should not consist of paper plates and plastic cups!
  2. BYOB studios may require more counter space to allow all guests room to place their food and drink.
  3. Studios with bars have the advantage of offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during events, increasing revenue per customer.
  4. Studios with bars can choose to sell wine and beer only, or provide full bar service.
  5. Bars require a bartender during events; BYOB requires attention to ensure sufficient supplies and ice are available throughout the painting class.
  6. Studios with bars become known for catering to local tastes, increasing the likelihood of guest loyalty. Think about IPA or craft beer, regional wines, and what about our signature drink called Paint Water?
  7. Studios with bars have an advantage over major competitors. Our major competitors are BYOB only, which means you have the opportunity to provide a full-service experience at a higher revenue per guest.
  8. BYOB studios may be more cost-effective for guests in some demographic areas that have less disposable income. Our territory check process during the discovery and site selection phases will provide some insight before a final decision is made.

Poured, shaken or stirred, the choice is yours.*

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*Subject to state and local regulations.

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