No Art Skills Required: Artist Training

No Art Skills Required: Artist Training

Are you more comfortable staring at a Picasso or a spreadsheet? Potential Pinot’s Palette franchisees sometimes worry that the success of their business depends on their own creativity.

No need to worry: We don’t all have innate artistic ability, and that’s okay! In fact, it may surprise you to learn that many Pinot’s Palette franchisees had scarcely picked up a paintbrush before opening a paint and sip studio.

While franchisee success is not dependent on artistic ability, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the artsy aspect of your business altogether. You need to hire excellent artists to lead group classes through the creation of a painting, all while keeping them relaxed and entertained. It’s a challenging, fun job and hiring the right people can really set your studio apart.

Choosing the Right Artist

How will you hire artists if you don’t know a Rembrandt from a Renoir? Don’t worry! Headquarters will give you direction on how to hire the right artists.

“Artists should be great communicators, dependable, and relaxed, with a sense of humor,” Pinot’s Palette Master Painting Librarian Amie Hill says. Amie also recommends hiring artists with good stage presence who can read a crowd and adapt to the needs of guests.

Headquarters also provides comprehensive artist training to ensure that your artists not only have the right skillset but that they are also entertaining for guests. After all, customers don’t come to paint and sip studios to receive rigid instruction on the finer points of art: they come to have a good time! They want to relax with friends, enjoy a glass of wine, and leave with memories and a fun piece of art.

From Training to Entertaining

Before your studio opens, we send an HQ-certified artist trainer to your studio to train your new team of artists for four to five days. This training covers artist essentials like how to lead a class, good stage presence, how painting instructions work, and how to set up/clean up after a class.

Equipped with thorough training and great personalities, artists are free to customize classes with their own spin on creativity. Some bring humor and sarcasm to the stage while others throw out trivia questions and contests. All classes have upbeat music, but many artists start karaoke sessions and impromptu dance parties as well. These artists prove that a paint and sip class can bring fun in unexpected ways!

This entertaining atmosphere makes Pinot’s Palette a great experience for both franchisees and customers of all abilities. If you’re interested in bringing such a fun place to your area, contact us for more information about opening a Pinot’s Palette franchise.

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