Artist Focus: Be Bold… Katie Meuser Style

Artist Focus: Be Bold… Katie Meuser Style

artistspotligtMeet Katie Meuser. Katie is a part of our Pinot’s Palette team at the Logan Square studio based in Chicago, IL. Katie found her talent for art in a drawing of Rapunzel, she prides herself on being able to make an exceptional wookie impression, and as a kid, she wanted to grow up to be a horse (#characterswithcharacter). Katie was drawn to working with watercolor in high school when she realized watercolor had its own unique personality. “Watercolor just does its own thing”, Katie says.

Katie is a non-objective abstract watercolor extraordinaire. When she begins to create a new work of art, she lets the paint set the tone. The process she puts into each masterpiece is very tedious and requires patience. She works the art step-by-step to mold the piece and adds touches to enhance its features. The outcome: a beautiful piece of non-objective abstract art so carefully crafted that the piece has its own vibe; its own unique character if you will. It’s no wonder Beauty and Brawn, a Chicago based art gallery, recently featured Katie’s work.

When I asked Katie what “Being Bold” as an artist meant to her, this is a summary of what she said:

“As an artist, being bold is simple but not always easy. With a focus on abstract pieces, her work doesn’t always fit a certain mold. But being bold means doing your own thing and not trying to please other people. You can mimic what others do, or you can stand out and show your true creativity. Do something that makes people ask questions.”

Brilliant, right?! I asked Katie to give her best advice to our team of artists and her statement was simple: Have fun. Entertain. And be yourself. You keep doin’ you, girl. #BeBold

Katie with recent work 2Painting at Logan Square










This article first appeared in The Canvas, Winter 2017, the Pinot’s Palette Franchise Magazine.


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