Pinot’s Palette Mobilizes Reservations at Paint-and-Sip Franchise

Pinot’s Palette Mobilizes Reservations at Paint-and-Sip Franchise

Pinot’s Palette is releasing an interactive iPhone application next month that will let consumers book classes at the paint-and-sip locations.

At Pinot’s Palette, consumers can take a painting class while drinking wine, and starting in October consumers will be able to interact with the franchise via mobile. They will be able to locate studios, book classes and request information through the app.

“Technology plays a large role in how our studio owners are able to deliver excellent customer service every day by giving them the information in real time,” said Charles Willis, president of Pinot’s Palette, Houston.

“Our app will raise the bar by giving our patrons the information they want wherever they are,” he said.

“Imagine a group of people at a bar or restaurant, and Pinot’s Palette enters their conversation, someone quickly pulls out their phone while their family or friends gather to see our incredible painting selection and options to schedule their next great time. Now they will be able to sign up for that great time without skipping a beat.”

Pinot’s Palette currently has 40 locations in 22 states, with more coming soon.

The interactive app will let consumers experience the paint-and-sip experience in a whole new way.

Consumers will be able to use geo-targeted studio ordering as well as calendar painting display options. They will also be able to favorite a studio in order to receive promotions from that specific studio.

The app will integrate with the company’s Pinot Technology Suite, which provides customer service throughout the franchise. Franchisees use the PTS system to manage reservations, communicate with customers and respond to inquiries about private parties.

The company built the PTS system itself to save franchisees time and automate many of the tasks they need to carry out. The app is expected to make the system that much simpler and easier.

Pinot’s Palette will also leverage the app to increase revenue by marketing directly to iPhone users.

Mobile audience
According to Mr. Willis, one out of every four customers that visit the Pinot’s Palette Web site is on an iOS device. Additionally, 91 percent of total mobile traffic is from an iOS device.

It was therefore an easy choice to create an iOS app at first, but the company plans to add additional platforms to its suite in the future.

A number of other companies have enabled mobile reservations already.

For example, the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark let fans reserve tickets via their mobile devices to help drive advanced ticket sales (see story).

Restaurants, hotels and airlines are also offering mobile reservations, but Pinot’s Palette seems to be taking the technology to a unique kind of reservation, paint-and-sip.

“Meeting consumer demands drives our innovation process, and with mobile revenues projected to double from 2011 to 2016, we are excited to be a part of that growth,” Mr. Willis said. “The app will also increase the barrier to entry in our industry which is a great byproduct of this PTS enhancement.”

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