Paint and Sip Software – 10 Questions to Ask

Paint and Sip Software – 10 Questions to Ask

You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive or a house without a walk through would you?  It is difficult to know the questions to ask about software before you know the ins and outs of your future day to day life.  Claiming “State of the Art” software is a very easy thing to publish on a website.  Actually being able to fully demonstrate how you would use the system in day to day operations is where the rubber meets the road and should be a major part of your consideration when deciding between franchises or starting your own paint and sip studio.

I came up with the idea of writing this article while talking to a Discover Day guest who had previously attended other paint and sip franchise discovery days.  She exclaimed how important she felt technology was to running the business and driving revenue.  I asked her in return if she had asked some simple questions on how she would do these things in their system, she replied that she didn’t know to ask those questions and thus this blog article was born.

I purposefully start each questions with “Show me” because talk is cheap in the world of software.  You are going to want to know what your day is going to look like.  Jumping between software systems, spreadsheets, and work arounds are not how you want to spend it.  I encourage everyone selecting a franchise to think through some of the logistics of their new business and ask to see the process to handle some of those activities.

  1. Can you show me the process of finding a reservation and manipulating the reservation (refund, reschedule for another time, and moving to a different class)?
  2. Can you show me how your software handles Gift Certificates and Credits?  Are they usable at any location?  How is money transferred between locations to pay for the transfer of Gift Certificates?
  3. Can you show me how you would schedule a staff member (artist, bartender, etc..) for a regular class or private party?  How do I track who I have already requested for a particular class?
  4. Can you show me the complete life cycle of a private party from inquiry, follow up, receiving deposit, getting painting selection, scheduling artist, refunding and reconciling the deposit?
  5. Can you show me how someone buys a class or merchandise while in the studio?  Does the software know what was purchased?  Does the software know what class merchandise was bought in which class and by which staff member?
  6. Can you show me how I would create promotion codes to use in my local market?  What options do I have in the promotion in regards to percentage off, fixed amount off, BOGO?  What ability do I have to restrict promotions to a specific date, class type (private vs. regular), merchandise, day of the week, etc…?  Where will I be able to see how many were used?  Is there integration with common daily deal companies (Group On, Living Social)?
  7. Can you show me the analytics and reports that will be available and how will they impact my revenue and profit for the business?
  8. Can you show me how I will manage specific content to my studio location’s website?  Do I have the ability to customize any automated system emails?
  9. Can you show me how I will access the operations manual, templates, tools and other support materials?  How will I communicate with other franchisees to brainstorm new ideas and share best practices?
  10. Can you show me your current technology roadmap containing current and future enhancement projects that will continue to save time and drive profit to the studios?

We have a common saying at Pinot’s Palette, “Work on your business, not in your business” and PTS allows our franchisees to do just that.  With an extra 20 to 30 hours per week, you will have the time to market circles around your paint and sip competition while maintaining a healthy tan.  I am happy to say we were able to save this Discover Day guest from making the wrong choice, hopefully this list of questions saves more.  We are happy to “show” you our technology suite at Discovery Day, click here to inquire about our award winning franchise system.

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