Party Planner Gives Studio Owners the Tools They Need to Increase Private Party Bookings

Hosting a party at home isn’t as glamorous as it sounds—from cleanup to cooking to keeping guests happy, entertaining can be downright exhausting. That’s why so many people look to outsource parties to fun venues, like Pinot’s Palette. In fact, birthday parties and corporate events form about a third of the paint and sip franchise’s total revenue. Because Pinot’s Palette private parties are so popular, the company developed a tool called Party Planner to help franchisees manage parties. Party Planner [...]

Forbes’ Connected Marketer Report Features Pinot’s Palette App

In the mobile era, consumers want to get information, inquire about services and make purchases at the touch of a button on their tablet computers and smartphones. This presents golden opportunities for marketing executives, who see the value in extending this channel not only to customers, but also to other key players in the value chain such as employers and partners. However, fulfilling the promise of this new form of engagement requires more than simply scaling down a website to [...]

Leading National Paint & Sip, Pinot’s Palette, Releases iPhone App for the New Year

HOUSTON, TX- Pinot’s Palette, pioneer and leader of the “Paint & Sip” industry, will be launching a free interactive iPhone application on January 2, 2014 that will allow guests to locate studios, book events and request information through the app via their mobile devices. Excited to kick off the New Year with vibrant guests who are ready to tap into their creativity, Pinot’s Palette will offer 15% off public paint parties to those who book through the new iPhone [...]

Pinot’s Palette Mobilizes Reservations at Paint-and-Sip Franchise

Pinot’s Palette is releasing an interactive iPhone application next month that will let consumers book classes at the paint-and-sip locations. At Pinot’s Palette, consumers can take a painting class while drinking wine, and starting in October consumers will be able to interact with the franchise via mobile. They will be able to locate studios, book classes and request information through the app. “Technology plays a large role in how our studio owners are able to deliver excellent customer service every day [...]

Paint and Sip Software – 10 Questions to Ask

You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive or a house without a walk through would you?  It is difficult to know the questions to ask about software before you know the ins and outs of your future day to day life.  Claiming “State of the Art” software is a very easy thing to publish on a website.  Actually being able to fully demonstrate how you would use the system in day to day operations is where the [...]

Pinot’s Palette is Coming to iPhone

HOUSTON, Sept. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Pinot's Palette, a national paint-and-sip franchise known for providing guests with an entertaining evening of art and wine, is gearing up to release an interactive iPhone app next month. Customers can use the app to locate nearby studios; book classes; and request information, says company CEO Craig Ceccanti.  The app will also help franchisees increase revenue by marketing directly to iPhone users. "With this app, franchisees can run promotions to a targeted audience," Ceccanti says.  [...]