Pinot’s Palette Discovery Path

We want to be open and honest with you about our opportunity so you can decide if owning a Pinot’s Palette paint and wine franchise is the right fit for you and your personal goals. We also would like to learn a little bit about you along the way, too, so we can decide if a partnership makes sense. Below is the recruitment path to becoming a Pinot’s Palette owner.

Step One – Apply for a Franchise

Every new adventure begins with one step. Once you have completed your research on our website, the next step is to fill out an Application for Consideration. Filling out an application signifies that you are ready to speak with our Development Manager. He can assist with answering any initial questions you may have and help you begin your journey here at Pinot’s Palette.

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Pinot 101 Intro Call

Step Two – Pinot 101 Introduction Call

Once your application is received, a member of our team will be reaching out to you for a brief conversation to verify your market of interest, financial qualification and ownership plan. This is what we call Pinot 101.

Step Three – First Brush Call

You will then be invited to schedule your first call with our Development Manager. During the First Brush call, we will learn about what you are looking for in this opportunity and will walk you through Pinot’s Palette’s background, system benefits, and culture. We also begin covering your in-depth questions and provide the information you need to discover how Pinot’s Palette is the perfect fit for you.

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Step Four – Discovery Day

Are you ready to meet the Team Pinot family? We are excited to meet you! Discovery Day is hosted in Houston and gives you the chance to meet the team and get to know us on a whole other level. We treat you to an evening out at one of our studios. The next day you will have face time with our opening support team and get to meet and visit with the leadership team. The goal of this meeting is to solidify that this is the perfect partnership.

Step Five – Paint the Picture Call

It is time to dive into the journey of business ownership and discover what Pinot’s Palette has to offer and why we are the number one paint and sip in franchisee satisfaction. You now have access to our Franchise Disclosure Document and will begin reviewing and understanding everything that comes with this partnership. In this call, we will begin to paint the picture of what life here at Pinot’s Palette looks like.

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wine franchise owners

Step Six – Networking Calls + Executive Interview

During this time, we will continue to answer questions, set you up to speak with our existing franchise owners and assist you with filling out your candidate profile. You will also get the chance to interview with our President.

Welcome to the Team!

You’re now part of Team Pinot! Our operations, marketing, and real estate teams will begin to work with you in our 360-degree approach to training and support. You will be given a roadmap and work hand in hand with our team until your doors are open. Soon enough you will have your very first customer walking through the door to experience the Pinot Promise. Welcome to the family.

Welcome to the team!

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