Window of Opportunity: La Vista Pinot’s Palette Brings Welcome Change

Window of Opportunity: La Vista Pinot’s Palette Brings Welcome Change

“Don’t waste a minute not being happy,” Brooke Shields once said. “If one window closes, run to the next window – or break down a door.”

Sonja Kapoun-Roof didn’t have to resort to destruction of property when the window on her two decades of corporate employment closed. Nevertheless, she ran to the next window of opportunity, and threw it open to let in the fresh breeze of a new career.

That breeze smelled of relaxation and entertainment, the scents that permeate the corporate culture of Pinot’s Palette®. Sonja had been frequenting her local Pinot’s Palette for two years – as a customer, she found sanctuary from the stress of her corporate job during evenings spent with paint and wine. So when she decided that purchasing a franchise would be the first step in her new career path, she didn’t have to think very hard about which franchise to choose.

Her new Pinot’s Palette studio opened in La Vista, Nebraska, earlier this year.

When she reached out to Pinot’s Palette headquarters to learn more about the process of opening a studio, Sonja was relieved to find the franchise leadership friendly and helpful. “It seemed like a natural fit,” she says. “I respected their mission and it felt like it matched what I would want to be involved with.”

At the week-long training process known as Pinot’s Palette Boot Camp, Sonja took in loads of information on everything from real estate to marketing and built valuable connections with fellow new studio owners.

Taking the Liberty to Have Fun

Now that she’s officially opened her studio doors to the La Vista community, Sonja feels thankful for that door on her corporate career closing. Though some find the pressures of business ownership burdensome, Sonja finds the experience liberating. “You are responsible for the success of the business for yourself and your employees,” she says, adding that the studio allows her to use her creativity and be independent.

And Sonja has enjoyed sharing the fun of business ownership with her family. Some of her initial visits to Pinot’s Palette were with her 15-year-old daughter. The pair enjoyed attending family painting classes together. And today her daughter continues to be an integral part of Sonja’s studio. “She gives me advice, which is very helpful since that teen perspective can get lost on adults,” Sonja says. “Her thoughts were the inspiration for our mural in the private party room.”

While Sonja admires her daughter’s artistic abilities, she’s careful to label her own talents as “creative but not artistic.” And she encourages others who may have trepidation about their artistic abilities to give a night out at Pinot’s Palette a chance. “The evening is about more than art,” she says. “It’s about relaxing and enjoying yourself, connecting with friends and trying something different.”

Whether that something different is a night out with friends or a whole new career, she thinks the Pinot’s Palette experience is sure to leave a colorful impression.


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