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Window of Opportunity: La Vista Pinot’s Palette Brings Welcome Change

“Don't waste a minute not being happy,” Brooke Shields once said. “If one window closes, run to the next window – or break down a door.” Sonja Kapoun-Roof didn’t have to resort to destruction of property when the window on her two decades of corporate employment closed. Nevertheless, she ran to the next window of opportunity, and threw it open to let in the fresh breeze of a new career. That breeze smelled of relaxation and entertainment, the scents that permeate [...]

Top 10 Pinot’s Palette Bartender Extraordinaires

Meet our favorite bartenders who make Pinot's Palette a hot spot for entertainment and fun! Alyssa Alexander - Fayette Mall I love bartending at Pinot's Palette because it doesn't even feel like work! It is a fun, enjoyable, and upbeat environment instead of working in a dull restaurant bar or at a late-night college bar with the stresses and late nights that come with bartending at those types of establishments. Our customers are always eager to try something new and bring out [...]

Father-Son Pair Paint a Colorful Retirement Dream in Business: Pinot’s Palette Woodmere

“Retirement is the ugliest word in the language,” Ernest Hemingway once said. Rick Beam seems to agree. The recent retiree had considered entrepreneurship from time to time during his career in international banking. But after a 40-year career, Rick recently decided to retire -- from banking, that is. But whiling away his golden years on leisurely pursuits is not Rick’s style. Instead, he decided to go into business with his son, Ryan, opening a Pinot’s Palette® in Woodmere, Ohio. “I only [...]

Want a Cure for Job Dissatisfaction? Open a Family-Friendly Pinot’s Palette – York

Jeremy Sherwood’s job search requirements were simple. He wanted to own his own business and he wanted a job where he didn’t get screamed at all the time. At the time he started looking for franchises, he had enough experience with the latter. Although his debt collection business was profitable, enduring all the yelling had become grueling. Jeremy was ready to move on to a more personally rewarding business… he just needed to find the right opportunity. As he searched, [...]

A Sign of Success: Laura Venetucci Opens Wall Township Pinot’s Palette

As Laura Venetucci whipped her car out of a parking space at a New Jersey shopping center, a sign caught her eye. That sign--an advertisement for upscale paint and sip franchise Pinot’s Palette®--became a sign that guided her next career move. Laura had long considered entrepreneurship. She had looked up information on various franchise opportunities from time to time. But until seeing that sign, nothing had grabbed Laura’s attention like this. She researched the painting and wine franchise, put in [...]

Chris and Asja Randell Join Wave of Millennial Franchisees – Pinot’s Palette Garland

“It is a mistake to try to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time.” — Winston Churchill Chris and Asja Randell tend to agree with Churchill. After all, his philosophy explains how an Estonian woman planning to take over her parents’ private school wound up co-owning a paint and sip studio in Texas. Chris and Asja, whose Pinot’s Palette® studio in Garland, Texas, opens this month, met at college in Abilene, Texas. [...]

Roger and Nikki Wise Roll Toward Success in Reno

Two defense contractors with little artistic ability walk into a paint and sip studio. It sounds like the start of a strange joke, but the success Roger and Nikki Wise have achieved in the nine months since opening their Reno Pinot’s Palette is no joke. The couple’s first encounter with paint and sip came when they visited a local “Mom and Pop” studio a few years ago. They let the idea simmer for a while, but when the Wises [...]

Applying Navy Principles to Franchise Employees

A soon-to-be Navy veteran and his wife aim to hold their own franchise employees to the high standard the United States Navy holds its members, hoping it will help lead them to success. Dan and Julie Truckenbrod invested in their Pinot’s Palette franchise in November of 2013 and started operations in San Diego, CA’s Liberty Station in August 2014. Julie said she heard about the fun and unique business concept from a highly reliable source. “My friend in Tulsa actually introduced [...]

From Empty Nest to a Full Glass at Pinot’s Palette – Manalapan

Maskowitz Family Finds Fun, Fulfillment, and New Friends in Franchise Early in 2014, Manapalan, New Jersey resident Teri Maskowitz went to a Pinot’s Palette event with her daughter Amanda. Teri, a breast cancer survivor and a recent retiree from 35 years as a dental assistant, had never been to a paint-and-sip class and felt a bit intimidated at first. “About halfway through the class, I told my daughter I was having such a great time,” says Teri. “It was so relaxing [...]

Surviving Breast Cancer and a New Business at the Same Time

Breast Cancer SurvivorNew Jersey business owner provides inspiration for national fundraiser. Overcoming obstacles is nothing new for Colleen Carlee, of Montclair, N.J. She celebrated 15 years as a woman in a man’s world working as a trader on Wall Street for Bear Stearns, before deciding to stay home and raise two children. When free time opened up, she started teaching part time. Then, as her children grew older, free time turned into wanting her own business. So after researching various opportunities, [...]