Why is technology an important part of starting a paint and sip business?

Why is technology an important part of starting a paint and sip business?

Our proprietary technology suite gives your painting studio a sustainable competitive advantage. Better technology allows for more efficient and accurate management of each studio’s time and money. It also allows for the best possible guest experience.

Pinot’s Palette has built proprietary, cloud-based software that allows you as a studio owner to manage the entire business. With the Pinot Technology Suite (PTS), you’ll spend less time on administrative tasks and more time strategically growing your paint and sip business. This software has been integral to our business since Day 1. Over the past 10 years, it has grown and evolved with the company to become a powerhouse of information and efficiency.

Consider these time-saving advantages:

  • Eliminate the need to track reservations through spreadsheets or other manual solutions.
  • Spend marketing dollars more effectively through coupon, discount and campaign tracking and management.
  • Keep employees happy by giving them access to online tools, allowing artists to teach classes more smoothly and access their schedules remotely.
  • Complete payroll with 2 clicks of your mouse from your couch.
  • Plan for future growth with easy-to-use business reporting tools and real-time information.
  • Provide guests with class reservation confirmations, reminders and follow-up information automatically.
  • Reduce response time to guests.

In addition to time savings and operational efficiency, the Pinot Technology Suite reduces the likelihood of error, captures mobile spending, supports marketing initiatives, simplifies the purchasing process and improves the guest experience.

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