How do I choose a location and will Pinot’s Palette help in site selection?

How do I choose a location and will Pinot’s Palette® help in site selection?

Of course!

We use industry-leading software to assess audience demographics and market saturation for site selection. This helps you narrow down a target area for your entertainment franchise. It also gives you a jumpstart in learning who your audience is and how to market to them. Once your studio is operational, we can then use the same software to analyze actual customers vs. potential customers, and develop more specific marketing strategies for each group.

We’ll put you in touch with our real estate partners, who will help you find and assess locations. Once you have narrowed down potential sites, at least one member of the real estate team will fly out to do site visits with you.” We’ll answer your site selection questions, and help you make the final decision and navigate a lease. Both Pinot’s Palette and our real estate partners are available to you throughout the process, so no question or concern goes unanswered.

We’ll go ahead and tell you a secret: There’s almost no such thing as the perfect site. Site selection is a thoughtful balance of numerous factors. In addition to a desirable zip code, consider site-specific details like visibility from main thoroughfares and what kind of customers patronize the neighboring businesses. The most attractive spots come with the highest rents, so if it’s your first franchise, don’t expect to have it all.

Your Franchise Operations Manager will coach you through the pros and cons of each location possibility.  While site selection is ultimately up to you as the business owner, we strongly encourage all our franchisees to make the most of the tools, advice and expertise available to them.

Read our five site selection do’s and don’ts.

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