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Halloween Blacklight Classes

Throughout the month of October, Pinot’s Palette, the local paint and sip hot spot, is turning everyone onto the blacklight painting trend. This is a cool and unique take on art that is fun for families, friends, and even dates! You are invited to come to the dark side to see how it works.

When the lights go off, it is time to set your fears aside and go with the flow. By combining blacklights and special paint, the atmosphere inside the Pinot’s Palette studio electrifies as the canvases come to life in a whole new way. Brush strokes strobe and colors pop off the canvas. Painters are even encouraged to wear white and/or neon colors to become part of the psychedelic surroundings. Find a blacklight class near you!

FOX 7 Austin

Tania Ortega from FOX 7 Austin talks to Melissa from Pinot’s Palette North Austin about the blacklight events.

CBS 19 Tyler

Jen Moynihan, from CBS 19 Tyler, talks to a customer of Pinot’s Palette Tyler about the blacklight classes.

FOX 13 Tampa

Chip Brewster, from FOX 13 Tampa, is at Pinot’s Palette Brandon to talk about the blacklight classes.

Coworkers and Canvases

We offer “no art experience required” guided painting events that cater to diverse personality types and company cultures. Events are designed to be both refreshing and energizing. Find out more here!

KSAT San Antonio

Mike Osterhage and Fiona Gorostiza from ABC 12 San Antonio talk to Luis from Pinot’s Palette Alamo Heights about the key to collaboration, increased productivity, and communication. Comedian Tommy Davidson joins them for this event.

FOX 19 Cincinnati

Jordan Vilines from FOX 19 Cincinnati is at Pinot’s Palette Kenwood to talk about the Coworkers & Canvases summer team building events.

FOX 26 Houston

Rashi Vats talks to Diana Vasquez from Pinot’s Palette Sugar Land about how painting can relieve stress.

Project Pet

Create a tribute to your furry friends while enjoying a drink with your human pals!

Anyone can do Project Pet, regardless of art experience. A professional artist walks you through color mixing and painting techniques to get your pet’s fur and features just right. There’s no guesswork and no pressure. Paint your dog, chicken, iguana, or pig – we don’t discriminate. At the end of the night, you’ll have a frame-worthy keepsake. This event is a must for every pet lover!

Find a Project Pet class near you here!

KWGN-TV Denver

Amanda McLeod & Kim Curtis, from the Pinot’s Palette Westminster North studio in Colorado, walk Joana Canals from Colorado’s Best through the Project Pet process.

ABC 10 Sacramento

Lindsey Liberman from Pinot’s Palette Elk Grove talks to ABC 10 Sacramento about a fantastic opportunity to honor your pet and the joy they bring to your life.

Our furry friends are in the spotlight!

Disconnect to Reconnect

Pinot’s Palette has launched a crusade to help families suffering from “nomophobia” – fear of not having access to a working cell phone. Pinot’s Palette is partnering with Reboot, a national non-profit organization, which hosts a National Day of Unplugging. Learn more about how to Disconnect to Reconnect here.

FOX 5 Las Vegas

Reed and Judy Alewel talk to Mike Doria from FOX 5 Las Vegas about taking the focus off technology and putting it back on togetherness.

FOX 26 Houston

Natalie talks to Rashi Vats from FOX 26 Houston at Pinot’s Palette Memorial City about a fantastic opportunity to make new memories with someone you love.

Watch us Disconnect to Reconnect all over the news!

Entrepreneur Magazine

Craig Ceccanti, Board of Directors & former CEO of Pinot’s Palette, is featured in this Franchise Spotlight presented by Entrepreneur Magazine. Ceccanti discusses the Pinot’s Palette concept from a consumer and franchisee point of view. He also talks about the technology suite, marketing support and the ideal franchisee. Watch this video to hear what really makes Pinot’s Palette different.

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