Rice University Entrepreneurship Workshop

Rice University Entrepreneurship Workshop

The 2013 Rice Alliance Entrepreneurship Workshop was kicked off on Tuesday, September 19th.  Pinot’s Palette Co-Founder and CEO, Craig Ceccanti, was invited to deliver an introductory keynote by long time mentor and Professor of Management, Dr. Al Napier.  The workshop is open to the public and a great way to access Rice University’s top ranked entrepreneurship staff over a nine-week period.

“I truly enjoy sharing our [Co-founders Charles and Beth Willis] story with the many new entrepreneurs and hope my experiences helps them embark on a journey of their own.” says Craig Ceccanti.  This is the second year Ceccanti has participated in this event and surely won’t be the last.  Ceccanti also comments, “Dr. Napier’s instruction and mentorship over the years has been vital in the growth and success of Pinot’s Palette in the paint and sip industry.  My life long dream is to follow in his foot steps as a great entrepreneur and mentor to others who share the passion.”

Al Danto, a fellow Jones School Alumn, Lecturer in Management and entrpreneur followed up on Ceccanti’s lecture with, “You never know the impact you [Ceccanti] are having when you speak to a group… even us old timers!”  Craig continues to carve out time to Jones School students and alumn looking to start or grow a business.  Having consulted 55+ locations within the Pinot’s Palette Franchise system, has given Ceccanti a good look into the many hurdles newcomers face when making the transition to business owner.  Ceccanti likes to close many lectures with new groups like these with, “Becoming an entrpreneur is like becoming an artist.  You are an artist when you think, believe, and say you are an artist.”

2013 Workshop Details

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