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Painting Chicago in a Style All Their Own: Logan Square Couple Opens Pinot’s Palette

If you visit Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, you’ll find an independent vibe--streets lined with bungalows, craft cocktail bars, and art galleries. It’s the perfect vibe for an independent thinker like Tony Porfirio, who with his wife Tamara, opened a Pinot’s Palette in the trendy neighborhood in May 2016. When he first found Pinot’s Palette, Tony’s creativity and enthusiastic leadership had hit a brick wall in corporate America. He knew it was time to conquer a new challenge. He was tired [...]

Pinot’s Palette Featured in Entrepreneur’s 2020 Franchise 500

(HOUSTON) January 17, 2020 – Pinot’s Palette, a pioneer in the paint and sip experience, ranks among the best franchise opportunities in the nation, according to Entrepreneur Magazine. Pinot’s Palette, the fastest-growing franchise in the creative entertainment industry, is listed 323rd on the prestigious Franchise 500®, the most comprehensive franchise ranking in the world. It is the seventh straight year Pinot’s Palette has been named to the list. Entrepreneur Magazine considers unit growth, financial strength, stability, and brand power when ranking [...]

Pinot’s Palette Core Value: Grit

Grit. It sounds down-and-dirty, and sometimes we have to do just that to fulfill our dreams and obligations. Grit is Pinot’s Palette’s 5th Core Value. We don’t fool ourselves – life is full of challenges and sometimes we have to do the things we don’t like or are just not in the mood to do. However, when you own a small business, many times you are not only the chief, you’re also the wine glass washer. This is when strength [...]

Party Planner Gives Studio Owners the Tools They Need to Increase Private Party Bookings

Hosting a party at home isn’t as glamorous as it sounds—from cleanup to cooking to keeping guests happy, entertaining can be downright exhausting. That’s why so many people look to outsource parties to fun venues, like Pinot’s Palette. In fact, birthday parties and corporate events form about a third of the paint and sip franchise’s total revenue. Because Pinot’s Palette private parties are so popular, the company developed a tool called Party Planner to help franchisees manage parties. Party Planner [...]

Snowball of Success: Pinot’s Palette Franchisees Embrace California Lifestyle

Being stranded in a blizzard can really put life in perspective. It did for Scott Lockerd, who experienced the frightening weather event while working as a geologist in Wyoming. So, while stuck in that storm, Scott did the logical thing for blizzard survival: He called his wife Cherisse and told her that he wanted to quit his job and open a paint and sip studio with her. Cherisse, who worked in human relations in Denver at the time, thought Scott [...]

Pinot’s Palette Offering Chunky Knit Blanket Classes

There is a hot new movement in DIY, and it has locals up to their elbows in yarn!  We’re talking about hand-made, oversized, chunky blankets! While still considered knitting, this unusual technique uses no needles. All it takes is your own two hands!  The experts at Pinot’s Palette, a local paint and sip studio, are teaching the technique and classes are already booking up. Artists are clamoring to keep up with local demand for these ridiculously cozy creations especially as we head into the holiday gift-giving season.  Yearning for Yarn No longer an [...]

No Art Skills Required: Artist Training

Are you more comfortable staring at a Picasso or a spreadsheet? Potential Pinot’s Palette franchisees sometimes worry that the success of their business depends on their own creativity. No need to worry: We don’t all have innate artistic ability, and that’s okay! In fact, it may surprise you to learn that many Pinot’s Palette franchisees had scarcely picked up a paintbrush before opening a paint and sip studio. While franchisee success is not dependent on artistic ability, that doesn’t mean you [...]

Customer Service Center

Pinot’s Palette Customer Service Center

Smartphones allow customers to research any business in seconds, make purchases on impulse, and send reviews around the world at the click of a button. And as attention spans grow shorter, customers demand immediate response. Gone are the days when a customer would wait patiently for a call back. Today they’ll just book somewhere else, even if that means going to a lower-quality competitor. This report by HubSpot reveals how customer service has changed over the past decade. Pinot’s Palette [...]

Canvas Connections

“Canvas Connections” Sessions to Celebrate National Girlfriends Day

Loneliness is an epidemic spreading across America. Only about half of Americans say they have meaningful face-to-face social interactions with friends. Women seem to be suffering solo the most. Now one local business is launching a new crusade to fight the spate of seclusion with a special focus on females. Pinot’s Palette, a local paint and sip studio, is hosting Girl Power painting sessions called “Canvas Connections” throughout the month of August to strengthen the bonds of female friendships. The paint [...]

Seek Opportunities

Pinot’s Palette Core Value: Seek Opportunities

When you step into a Pinot’s Palette paint and sip studio, you find a consistently fun atmosphere and excellent customer service. This doesn’t happen by chance. Pinot’s Palette has five core values that direct the way we do business and ensure consistent customer experience between studios: Have Fun Serve Energetically Expect Excellence Seek Opportunities Grit We expect all employees, franchisees, and candidates affiliated with Pinot’s Palette to enact our values. Holding tight to these values makes our company culture what [...]