Author - Craig Ceccanti

Disconnect to Reconnect

Why Start a Paint and Sip Business

I'm often asked, "Why start a paint and sip business?" In the hustle and bustle of life, as entrepreneurs, we often forget about why we are doing what we are doing. Staying grounded in the mission and purpose of your business is critical to staying energized to meet customer and economic demands past the honey moon phase.  Pinot's Palette recently released a Disconnect to Reconnect campaign that truly resonated with me and answers the question, "Why start a paint [...]

Paint and Wine Grand Opening

Pioneering the Paint and Sip Industry

Pioneering the paint and sip industry has been such an honor and has brought Pinot's Palette so many "firsts." Looking back over the years to 2009, it has been an absolute thrill to not only be able to grow an incredible brand with so many extraordinary entrepreneurs but to lead the charge in pioneering the paint and sip industry. Growing a national brand has its challenges but shaping an industry will really test your team's ability to strategize, execute, [...]

Questions to Consider Before Starting a Paint and Wine Business

So you want to start a paint and wine business and are looking for some pointers on where to start but mostly like want to know what big challenges are involved. Before I divulge all the secrets I have learned over the last 8 years in the paint and wine business, let me give you some other questions to consider. Are you ready to start a business? Having been to a top 10 entrepreneurship business school and growing up with an entrepreneurial [...]

The Key to Happiness and Success – Craig Ceccanti

Today I had the honor of speaking at Clifton Middle School's 2015 8th grade graduation.  What an incredible group of young leaders, proud parents, and dedicated faculty.  The energy of young ambitious students is contagious and I find myself re-energized to conquer my own challenges. Delivering a commencement speech is daunting.  The responsibility of providing a message to someone going into high school is mind boggling.  What will be valuable?  What will bore them to death?  I decided to "phone [...]

Embrace the Near Win – TED Talk

In the furry of getting a business started and the anticipation to achieve paint and sip greatness, we often forget to celebrate the many accomplishments we create along the way. Beth, Charles, and I are no different and are often reminded by our team and franchise partners of the many "wins" we should take more time to enjoy. We would never consider to stop to enjoy a "near win" (i.e. second place). In this TED Talk, Sarah Lewis does an [...]

Beth Willis – The Queen of Paint and Sip

Beth Willis is the true Queen of Paint and Sip.  As an innovative pioneer in the wine and painting industry, Beth has shaped Pinot’s Palette into the premier paint and sip experience.  Early on in development, Beth had an eye for detail and knew what the customer truly wanted.  She was relentless in demanding that a modified painting class was just not enough, it needed to be a true fun night out experience. With over one hundred thousand painters in [...]

Pinot’s Palette Turns 4 & Leads the Paint and Sip Industry

Today marks a special occasion in the world of Paint and Sip.  Pinot's Palette turns 4 years old today!  The picture to the right, is Beth Willis, Craig Ceccanti (me), and Charles Willis at the very first Pinot's Palette class on May 8th, 2009.  We had big plans to revolutionize the paint and wine industry by providing a new and different experience. With our mission set, "Bringing art to the masses through a fun and entertaining experience with extraordinary customer [...]

Pinot’s Palette 2009 Sing-Along makes ABC News

Charles, Beth and I opened our very first Pinot's Palette in May 2009. Remember, this was before Paint and Sip was an industry, and there were no options to drink wine and paint in a truly fun setting. We had so much passion towards making the place an incredible experience for our painters. In a few short months, Houstonians were booking classes weeks in advance. In June of 2009, we had a special class that spontaneously broke out into a [...]